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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Loser of the Day

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is our loser of the day for attacking a photographer! Um, hello Sienna those photographers and your cheating boyfriend are the only reason you're famous. You should be thanking them.

pic dlisted

Whose Body do you want

If you could have any of these celeb bodies, who would you chose? Super Skinny Nicole Ritchie, Bootylicious Beyonce or Toned Jessica Alba??? Boys seem to love Beyonces curves, girls starve themselves like Nicole Ritchie but we want Ms. Albas body! What do you think??

Not So Pretty Look of The Day

So did anyone else know that ginger spice was preggers? Well we've heard she is and here are some rotten pics of her taken recently.

She doesn't look like she would, "Give us what we want what we really really want!"

pics credit dlisted

Fun Holiday Treat

We hope everyone will be going to some great holiday parties this year!

If you'll be hosting your own festivites don't forget to do it in style! The hostess always needs to be the mostess and that means looking great cooking, serving drinks, or dancing.

These cute hostess aprons will help you look your best in case your running behind when the guests arrive!

Get your own hostess apron
  • here
  • Fun Find

    Sick of looking at your boring ass desk all day long? You won't be bored any more with these whacky animal rubber bands!

    "Made from brightly-colored silicone, they look and behave like normal (albeit colorful) rubber bands when stretched. But when removed from whatever they are holding, they instantly spring back into their original animal shapes!"

    You can get some
  • here
  • The Tini Lounge

    Todays recipe is in honor of Emily's Birthday. Make one and toast to Emily tonight!

    Birthday Frostini

    3/4 oz Vodka
    3/4 oz Baily's
    3/4 oz Godiva Chocolate liqueur
    Splash of cream

    Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Strain and serve. Garnish with chocolate shavings or rim the glass with sugar. Enjoy!

    New Releases

    Yesterday was an awesome day for new releases! We're listening to INXS Switch right now, and highly recommend this album!

    INXS Switch
    Chris Brown Chris Brown (he's the next Usher but way cuter)
    The Darkness One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back
    Shakira Oral Fixation Vol. 2

    Hot Guy of the Week

    Gavin Rossdale

    We know it's midweek, but better late then never right? We LOVE Gavin Rossdale, and because of him alone, Gwen Stefani is the luckiest girl in the world! He's been out of the spotlight for a while and we're itching to find out his next move.

    Ahhhhhh memories of slow dancing to Glycerine.....

    What is your inner-hair color?

    Take this fun hump day quiz to help you through the work day!

  • Inner-Hair Quiz

  • Emily got Red head and Cariel got rainbow hair

    Laguna Update

    Dang, those Laguna Beach people sure know how to stay in the news!

    It was just announced that Kristin Cavallari will be on UPN in January where she will co-host a reality TV show. The show is called Get This Party Started and she will be hosting with Extra's Ethan Erickson. Get This Party Started will "feature an elite team of Hollywood party planners working with a well-deserving person's friends and family to surprise them with a "very spectacular and extravagant event" held in their honor." UPN has ordered a total of eight episodes of the hour-long series so far.

    Go Team Kristin! She's catching up with Team LC in the reality TV show race!

    credit JJB

    Happy Birthday!!


    Everyone wish Em a fantastic birthday today! If you see her buy her a drink, and if you don't drink one for her!

    Happy Birthday Emily We Love You! Muwaaah!

    Tuesday, November 29, 2005

    Fun Holiday Treat

    Are you looking for something fun, yet different to put on your tree this year?

    Check out these yummy ornaments from Anthropologie! They have sparkles, great colors, and are plush. What more could you ask for?

    You can buy them in the store or here:
  • Anthropologie Pastry Ornaments
  • Jennifer Aniston's Thanksgiving Boobs

    Just recently FemaleFirst claimed that over Thanksgiving, " The former 'Friends' beauty and Vince were said to have checked in to the plush Sanctuary resort in Paradise Valley, Arizona."

    Not only is this info true, but we here at Barbie Martini know someone who actually saw Jennifer Aniston at the Paradise Valley resort!

    Our source saw Jen and waved hello. She also claimed someone else staying at the resort saw Jen getting a spa treatment and told her, "Jennifer has the best t*ts ever!"

    Hmmm so what was Brad's problem with them then??!

    Laguna Update

    Well we all knew (at least we wished really hard) that Talan and Kimbo's engagement wouldn't last long!

    Thank god poor Talan came to his senses over the weekend and the two broke off their wedding plans. We don't know what Talan is planning on doing now, but we hope his new album gets better reviews than his engagement!

    In other Kimbo news, at least she has something to celebrate: a new baby brother that was born Sunday! This is her fathers (Rod Stewart's) sixth child at the age of 60! Ewwwwwwww!


    Hello all you lovely boys and girls!

    Finally....after many delayed flights and luggage claims later, WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS!

    This month is going to be loaded with great holiday party ideas, hot gossip, yummy drink recipes, gift tips, and soooooooo much more!

    We also want to say thanks to all of our awesome readers for sticking with us over the Thanksgiving break, and leaving us some great comments in the comment section!


    Monday, November 28, 2005

    Stock Your Bar The Right Way..

    You never know when that unexcpected guest may drop by during the month of December.

    Make sure your prepared for any emergency entertaining with these eight bar stocking basics:


    •Club Soda
    •Tonic Water
    •Orange Juice
    •Cranberry Juice
    •Grapefruit Juice
    •Tomato Juice
    •Sweet & Sour Mix

    *Don't forget to store your goods with the original caps instead of pour spouts to help minimize their evaportation!

    When We Party We Party Hard

    Planning for a big holiday party can really make a Barbie Martini's head spin!

    How much vodka do you need? How many reindeer napkins or paper plates?

    These holiday party tips will get you off to a great start:

    • If your planning on serving drinks at your holiday shindig keep this in mind: Guests are expected to drink two cocktails during the first hour, (unless Ken had a bad day at the office, then he may drink five) and one cocktail every hour thereafter.

    • If you don't want grandma and grandpa dancing on the table, make sure to leave out the salty appetizers. It will only cause them to get smashed faster.

    Wednesday, November 23, 2005


    We want to wish all of our Barbie Martini readers a fun, safe, and sexy Thanksgiving Weekend!

    Chow down on some great food, buy a lot of cool stuff, and overall have some FUN on your time off!

    We will be out until Tuesday - but after that we will be ready to update all you Barbie Martini readers with all the new gossip, hot men, great deals, and much much more!

    The Tini Lounge

    Thanksgiving Martini

    You have to have the perfect drink in you hand to celebrate the holiday in style. We've posted recipes for Pumpkin, Pecan Pie, Cranberry Apple, and Carmel Apple martinis already, if none of those work try our Thanksgiving Martini!

    1 oz dry vermouth
    3/4 oz gin
    3/4 oz apricot brandy
    1/2 tsp creme de cassis
    1/2 tsp lemon juice

    Pour the vermouth, gin, apricot brandy, creme de cassis and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker filled half way with ice. Shake well, strain into a martini glass, and serve.

    What We're Listening To

    Wham Club Tropicana

    This is the best song ever! Ok maybe not ever but its fun to sing along to while packing to leave for Thanksgiving or stuffing your turkey. Even though it has nothing to do with the holidays, it's the ultimate escape song. You can't listen to it and not be happy! Go on try it...seriously..

    Would you or Wouldn't you?

    Stuart Townsend and Charlize Theron

    A couples edition of would you or wouldn't you so the guys and girls (and whoever else) have something to ponder. Let us know your opinions! Would you or wouldn't you Charlize Theron? Stuart Townsend?

    Emily would Stuart Townsend (has a thing for irish/english/scottish boys) Cariel wouldn't.

    What Part of Thanksgiving are You?

    In case you can't tell, we're excited for Thanksgiving! We don't know if it's the time off work, or the delicious food!

  • What Part of Thanksgiving Are You?

  • Emily is mashed potatoes and Cariel is cranberry sauce. What are you?

    Barfbag Quote of the Day

    After reading this you may want to have a hamburger for Thanksgiving dinner. Apparently thats what Catherine Zeta-Jones family will be having.

    "Turkeys makes me feel ill. They're ugly, clammy, cold and flabby.I just won't go near them and I certainly won't cook them. They terrify me. I hate all the folds of pimpled flesh and the disgusting grey wrinkles around their legs"


    story credit D-listed

    Thanksgiving Movies

    Thanksgiving means time off of work and a bunch of new movies at the theaters. Tonights releases are a mixed bag with something for everyone.

    RENT Admit it, you're dying to see it.
    Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart. This actually looks like it could be funny.
    The Ice Harvest Billy Bob Thorton and John Cusak star in this mob comedy.
    Yours Mine and Ours with Dennis Quaid. This remake is the family pick for the holiday weekend.

    Fun Holiday Treat

    We know that if your stuck at work the day before Thanksgiving you must need a break!

    So take a second to relax and play this:

  • fun turkey game
  • AMA's

    What We learned at the American Music Awards last night:

    Gwen Stefani can't dance and has overkilled the poufy hair.
    Mariah Carey loves to show her "muscular" (we call them big) legs, but she can still sing!
    Bow Wow is short.

    And, Carmen Electra is still smoking hot!!


    Ready to shop till you drop the day after Thanksgiving?!

    Don't know where to begin? Well don't worry Barbie Martini is coming to the rescue!

    For all of you shopaholics out there, we are dedicating a post to this weekends best sales!

    **keep checking back because we will be updating this post with any new sales we find**

  • Bebe Sale

  • Bebe is offering 25% OFF SWEATERS at bebe and bebe sport stores until noon on Friday, November 25, 2005

  • Banana Sale

  • Banana Republic is having a great spend and save sale you don't want to miss!

  • Black Friday Sales

  • This website lists a ton of great sales on electronics

  • Gap Sale

  • For 5 days (starting today, Wed 23) GAP is having a buy one get a second item 50%off online and in the stores

    Rotten Mischa


    When we decided to start doing a Rotten Mischa post, we had no idea it would be so easy!

    Here is Mischa and her sexy boyfriend (haha yeah right) wandering around their hotel on Monday.

    Don't you just love that scarf dress thingy!?

    pic credit

    Britney and Baby..... and Kevin

    Run to buy the new issue of People!! Why?? Because we finally get our first look at Sean Preston Federline! He actually looks cuter than we thought he'd be...

    pic credit hollywoodrag

    Tuesday, November 22, 2005

    Laguna Update

    Look who's having a lunch date - none other than our favorite girl Kristin Cavallari!

    Here she is with her reality star boyfriend Brody Jenner.

    pics credit JJB

    Fun Find

    Since we seem to have the Thanksgiving theme going on this week, we thought we would add to it with some fun travel gear!

    If you'll be traveling this holiday season why not do it the fun way - with some colorfull baggage!
    Bright bags are MUCH more fun and MUCH easier to spot out at the baggage claim!

  • here
  • to see the rest of the Dooney & Bourke baggage collection

    What to Watch Tonight

    The American Music Awards

    The AMA's are on tonight, and though they usually suck we'll be watching. Performers include Mariah Carey, Ciara, Hillary Duff, The Rolling Stones, Pharrell, Lindsay Lohan and Keith Urban. The awards will air on ABC.

    The Tini Lounge

    Pecan Pie Martini

    We're in the mood for Thanksgiving! Skip the pie and grab a drink instead. This one is a little more difficult to make, but trust us the taste is well worth the effort!

    • 1 teaspoon of pecan extract
    • 1 teaspoon of brown sugar
    • 1 ounce of Brandy
    • 3 ounces of vodka
    • 2 cinnamon toasted pecans
    • Add your pecan extract, brown sugar and Brandy to an empty cocktail shaker and let stand for 2 minutes.
    • Then, stir until well mixed (sugar should be dissolved).
    • Add ice so the shaker is half full and add the vodka.
    • Shake for a full minute.
    • Strain into your martini glasses and enjoy.


    Here is a picture from OK Magazine of Christina and Jordans wedding. Her dress looks awful! What is with the bottom!?!

    pic dlisted

    New Releases

    Tuesday means new music! Here are some new releases to pick up:

    System of A Down Hypnotize
    Britney Spears B in the Mix
    Nelly Sweatsuit
    John Mayer Trio Try!
    Juelz Santana What The Games Been Missing

    Robbie Update

    It was hard, but we didn't post anything about Robbie Williams last week. Well, Robbie is back on Barbie Martini and he's been busy... Read below to find out about Robbies new yacht, Naomi Campbell stalking him, his "no-sex" policy in his LA home, and his record breaking tickets sales for his upcoming world tour:

  • Robbies New Boat

  • Naomi was Crazy for Rob

  • No Sex in Robbies Room

  • 1 million tickets in 3 hours!
  • Fun Find

    We thought all of you Day after Thanksgiving Sale people would appreciate this coupon!

    Just click on the link below to recieve 10% off your entire purchase at Pier 1 during the weekend of November 25-27.

    Don't thank us, just tell us about all the goodies you buy!

  • Pier1 coupon
  • Rotten Mischa

    Today's Rotten Mischa pics are screencaps from her on the O.C.

    She should be skelator for Halloween next year!

    pics credit JJB