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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thoughts on Dating from the Barbie Martini Mind

Tips for Surviving Your girlfriends Holiday Family Gatherings:

We realize that visiting your girlfriends family over the holiday's isn't always first on your to do list. However, some situations you just can't avoid...And your girlfriend probably won't forgive you if you miss this one.

So listen up boys cause we have some helpful tips for you!

1. Be outgoing and be yourself, but remember its not your family. If chubby Aunt Martha starts talking about how hot her new lingerie is, make sure you know when to keep your mouth shut. Sometimes it's better to just take the back seat.

2. Don't get smashed! Many family's like to serve alcohol at their gatherings. It's great to have some drinks and join the family sing-a-long, just make sure not to throw up afterwards.

3. Sometimes it's better to lie. If big ole' grandma gives you a crochet snowman sweater you don't have to wear it. Say thank you like you mean it, (even though you think it's an ugly piece of trash) and that should be enough.

4. Just remember to be polite, be yourself, and it'll be over soon! :)


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