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Friday, December 30, 2005

What's Hot and What's Not for 2006

It's important that when the clock strikes twelve you'll know just what to wear to ring in the new year with style! If you don't want to be the odd girl out in 2006, let us help you with these fabulous fashionista tips:

IN FOR 2006 <> LEAVE IT IN 2005

Pencil skirts <> Tiered skirts
Luxury neutrals <> Clashing brights
Soft white <> Bright white
Grey <> Brown
Structured silhouettes <> Floaty silhouettes
Slouchy shorts <> City shorts
Dark denim <> Distressed denim
Nautical stripes <> Beatnik stripes
Rock 'n' roll <> Collegiate
The World Cup <> The Ashes
Superman <> Batman
iPod video <> iPod music
Late-night lingering <> Deadline drinking
Safari <> Military
High waists <> Hipsters
Covering up <> Baring it all
Biker boots <> Victoriana boots
Vans <> Converse
China <> Russia
Golf shirts <> Polo shirts
Cowboys <> Sword and sandal heroes

tips credit vogue online


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