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Monday, January 30, 2006

New Couple Alert

Pam Anderson may have a new boy toy, and this time he's not a rock star. It's been the buzz that Pam has now been hooking up with rapper Kanye West.

The pair were said to have hit it off after doing a magazine shoot together. "Kanye got cozy with Pam," a spy at the photoshoot blabbed to Star Magazine, "taking off his shirt and flirting. There were definite sparks."

And it apparently it didn't end there.

The unlikely duo were then seen at West Hollywood A-list hangout, the Chateau Marmont Hotel."Kanye was standing in front of Pamela. He reached back and was cupping her butt with his hand," claims America's People magazine. "She was leaning into him. They looked happy together."

read the rest of the story here


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