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Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy 4th Of July Weekend!

We wish all of our readers a very festive, fun, exciting and safe holiday weekend! Barbie Martini is going to party it up on the lake so if you need a gossip fix until Wednesday when we get back just check out some of our favorite links down the side of the web page! We're sure that our other writers such as Hollygood, Diane, Dietcoke, Miss Brittany, It's Heather or Ginger Snap may have a few things to say as well so you won't be left out in the cold for to long! Bye bye!!!

Winona Forever?

Winona Ryder is back and looking kinda like Britney. What is this about???
NO WORRIES...she is just in costume for her new comedy Sex and Death 101.
So happy to have her back on the silverscreen! Love her!!!

The Tini Lounge

Red, White & Blue Tini

1/2 oz. Framboise
1/2 oz. Half-Half
1/2 oz. Blue Curacao

Beginning with the Framboise, layer each successive ingredient in a martini glass on top of the other using the back of a spoon. Enjoy!!!

It's Posh To Have A Bald Spot

Check out this major bald spot that Posh had to fly in to London so her hairstylist Angelo Georghio could fix it pronto! Posh was said to have been "horrified" by this nasty picture taken last of her last week in Canada.

Is anyone actually surprised by this bald spot? We all know the girl is either anorexic, bulimic, or both so of course her hair is falling out! She probably has a hole in her esophagus too!

Fun Find

Need to do a little shopping this holiday weekend? Well then you may want to use this coupon that entitles you to a 10% discount on your next purchase of regular and sale price Pier 1 merchandise! You better get there soon cause the coupon expires July 4th!

Print your Pier 1 coupon here

Words Of Wisdom

"I didn't enjoy being what I was. I was really tall and I wasn't the girl who got all the boys. I'd get rejected for a play because I was too tall."

-Nicole Kidman

Biel and Evans Call It Quits

Jessica Biel and Chris Evans have finally called it quits after dating for more than two years. Biel has played Evans' girlfriend in two films, Cellular and London.

We're not surprised to read this at all considering the only person we've seen Jessica out with for months is that humongo dog of hers!

Mariah Only Eats It If It's Purple

Mariah Carey will only eat purple food. The pop diva is convinced mauve-colored foods like red grapes and plums - known for their anti-ageing benefits - will stop her developing wrinkles. Mariah now munches purple meals three days a week.

A source is quoted in The Sun newspaper as saying: "It sounds off-the-wall but it's a huge injection of healthy food in one go. Purple products are nature's best weapons in the battle against ageing. There's a saying that 'a plum a day keeps a facelift away'."

credit starpulse

What Do We Have Here...

puts on a show for the paparazzi while she exposes her moms (Courtney Cox) boobie for all to see. Courtney seems to be taking her daughters joke pretty darn well!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Tini Lounge

Double Fudge Martini

1.5 oz vodka
0.5 oz coffee liqueur
1/2 tsp espresso ground coffee
1.5 oz chocolate topping
1/3 oz butterscotch liqueur
1.5 oz cream
1 tsp grated chocolate

Shake the vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso coffee and chocolate topping with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. In a fresh shaker, shake cream and butterscotch liqueur until thickened and float on top of the chocolate mix. Pour chocolate down sides of martini glass and garnish with grated chocolate.

Would You or Wouldn't You...

...George Clooney?

Now let's get one thing straight before you answer on this one: When we say George Clooney we mean right now, gray haired, black suit and all! We don't mean in his younger days, dark haired and all.

Muffin Top or Play Dough Pudge?

Teri Hatcher needs to get it thru her facelift face that it's okay to wear a one piece. Yes, this gals bod looks great for her age! No, we still don't want to see that much skin!

However still the question remains, do you vote this picture as a muffin top or Play Dough pudge?

Play Dough Pudge - 1
Muffin Top - 0

Marcia Cross's Wedding Shots

Wow, wow and WOW! Marcia Cross looked absolutely, positively gorgeous at her wedding to Tom Mahoney in San Gabriel, California over the weekend! Goodbye Nicole Kidman, Marcia Cross is the new albino hottie of Tinsletown!

credit fadedyouth

Words Of Wisdom

"I get both of them! My girlfriends were really, really angry. I think I'm hated completely! They were very gentlemanly. Both had Altoids (mints) before we started kissing, which is always nice, the sign of a very nice man. The stubble's not great... No, actually I don't remember it being a particular problem. Tough day at the office, you know!"

-Keira Knightley on kissing 'Pirates' Co-Stars Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp

It's A Baby Boy for Mariska Hargitay

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star Mariska Hargitay gave birth to a baby boy on yesterday in Los Angeles. It is Mariska's first child with her husband of almost two years, Peter Hermann.

The baby was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and weighed in at 10 pound 9 ounces. The new arrival was born one week after his due date via Caesarean-Section.

Hargitay's father, actor Mickey Hargitay, and brother were also present for the delivery.

credit starpulse

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Britney moving back!

Well, im not sure how true this is... but perezhilton is reporting that Britney is moving back to Louisiana
"Britney wants to come home," Kentwood mayor Harold Smith tells In Touch Weekly. "She's building more rooms for her growing family. She wants a nursery and some kids' rooms."
It's about time!
Britney is reportedly moving back home to Kentwood, La., to be closer to her mom, Lynne, and family. And, according to In Touch, K-Fag supports the move, which may help solve some of their marriage problems.
When The Federjerk is in Kentwood, he doesn't want to stay with his mother-in-law, says a family insider. So Britney is also looking to buy another house nearby.
Britney wants Lynne to help with the kids, but Kevin's wary, says the mag. "He likes Lynne but doesn't like her getting involved in their relationship," an insider says.
This seems to be legit, as the pub is even reporting that Spears has already met with an ob-gyn in nearby Baton Rouge to discuss having a C-section there, a pal says.
While Britney hopes it will mean that Kevin parties less and stays home more, he may find himself going stir crazy in the tiny "country" town of Kentwood, which has a population of 2,468.
Britney believes taking a low profile in Louisiana will strengthen her bond with Kevin. A pal says, "She loves Malibu but feels she'll end up divorced if she stays there - at least for now."
Damn. Maybe you should stay in Malibu then, Brit!

Well I personally think its a wise move.
Do you?

Not So Pretty Look of The Day

Screw the anti-aging craze, Duff has made the scientific discovery behind premature aging and she wants it to be the next big thing. Sorry Duffster, your the only one who wants to follow that fad!

Hot Guy of the Week

Billy Crudup moves things along so smoothly this Wednesday!

Suri news?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*****according to**********
Forget those silly stories about Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes not presenting baby Suri to the world because they were insulted at the amount of money offered for the photos of their child. The latest gossip is that Tom & Kate have not brought baby Suri out in public because Scientology reportedly instructs parents not to take newborns out in public unless absolutely necessary. A friend of the actor reportedly told Britain's Grazia magazine: "Tom insists he'll do it in his own time. He won't be bullied into showing his world his precious angel. Tom wants to obey Scientology rules about keeping babies out of the public eye." Egh, knowing what a Scientology nut Cruise is, it kinda makes sense. Oh dear, dear Kate.
Meh, i still think that Suri doesn't exist... and if she does exist, then something is wrong with her (not that i'd want that or anything)...

Fun Find

Pop Art Toaster

Want to add a little sass to your scrambled eggs? Now you can brand your food with any of the six different kitschy-cute designs in this Pop Art Toaster. The removable stainless steel stencil plates can toast birthday cakes, hearts, snowflakes, flowers, smiley faces, or the phrase "Luv U" into your white, wheat or rye to surprise your significant other, your one-night stand, or for your own amusement!

Get a Pop Art Toaster here

The BET Awards

The BET Awards were held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, and we have to say that just about everyone was lookin gooooood:

Cooking With Mama Martini

The 4th of July is coming quick! What could be better than impressing all your friends and family with these Wasabi Pork Chops on the grill?!

Wasabi Ginger Glazed Pork Chops

6 1 inch thick Pork Chops
1 tbsp Vegtable Oil
1/4 cup Orange Juice
2 tsp Wasabi Ginger Sauce
1 Garlic Clove minced
1 loaf Honey Bread
(sliced oranges optional)

Heat oil in large skillet over medium-high heat. Brown chops in batches, 5 minutes per side. Return all chops to pan. Next combine orange juice, grilling sauce and garlic in small bowl. Pour over chops in skillet. Cover and reduce heat. Let simmer 20 minutes. Remove chops to serving platter to keep warm. Increase heat to high, reduce liquid in pan to 3/4 cups. Drizzle sauce over pork. Garnish with orange sections and serve with bread.

Rotten Mischa

After these pictures we're beginning to actually feel bad for making fun of Miss Mischa all the time. (Okay, really we will never feel bad about it, but that sounded nice) Seriously though, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GIRL?! The sand pouring out of her bikini bottoms is nothing compared to those freakishly disgusting faces she keeps making!

Hasselhoff's Ex To Sing About His Spousal Abuse

Pamela Bach is hitting back at her former Baywatch hubby by recording an album about spousal abuse. Hasselhoff filed for divorce claiming Bach was abusing prescription drugs, while Bach cited physical abuse. According to the Daily Express, Bach will detail the abuse she allegedly suffered during her 16-year marriage on upcoming album TRANSITIONS.

We've heard her single is loosely based off the Spice Girl's Tell Me What You Want tune:

Tell Me What You Want What You Really Really Want All I really want is to get smacked in the face!

Words Of Wisdom

"There were a number of years where I would sit down to play Barbie dolls with my daughter. I'd start playing with these dolls. It's good fun, it's a great way to explore characters. I'd start to do these voices, start playing characters as these dolls and she'd just look up and go, 'Dad, could you just do your own voice, OK? You don't have to play it like that ...' So she was like directing me! I'm like, 'Sorry, sorry, honey, I'll just be me.'"

-Johnny Depp

Boy George To Join NYC's Sanitation Department

New York's Department of Sanitation is eager to meet their new recruit Boy George after he was sentenced to five days of community service with them on Monday. The former Culture Club frontman, real name George O'Dowd, was sentenced in Manhattan Criminal Court for falsely reporting a burglary at his Little Italy apartment in October 2005.

Aww, there's nothing like spicing up the streets of NYC than Boy George sweeping your front stoop while his makeup runs down his face from the heat!

credit starpulse

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Not So Pretty Look of The Day

Raven Simone tries her hardest for us to only stare at her boobies and miss that freaky orange jacket and short miniskirt. Too bad it's not working!

credit saving face

Hot Guy of the Week

Billy Crudup is here to brighten up your Tuesday!

Loser Of The Day

To become a Loser of the Day one must of course do something very loser-esque, and of course being a sell out falls into the loser-esque category. Point in case - Miss Ashlee Simpson. The newly reborn and newly nosed Simpson is now considering showing off more than just her new nose, she is considering showing it all off in the pages of Playboy! As the media reports go, the less famous Simspon has been offered by the very famous men's mag a mere $4 million to strip for the cameras. A source tells publication In Touch Weekly the 21-year-old is seriously considering the offer, and her boyfriend, Braxton Olita, is said to be supportive of the idea.

The insider says, "Ashlee figures she's never looked better, so this may be the perfect time to do it. She feels confident and sexy and thinks this is one way for her to separate her image from (sister) Jessica's."

Well yes, I suppose that is one way to separate yourself. Ashlee will now instantly become the slutiest Simpson, instead of trailing in second place behind her big sis. What an accomplishment!

Fun Find

Nicole Kidman, Sharon Osbourne, Sienna Miller, Charlotte Church and Denise Van Outen have all designed T-shirts or vests for Breast Cancer Care this summer. The campaign is called Little Tee, and proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Care. A total of 50,000 Little Tees will go on sale in stores starting July 10, or you can get them exclusively online starting June 29.

Get a celebrity designed Little Tee online here

Nicole Kidman's Little Tee, above
Sienna Miller's Little Tee, below

The Tini Lounge

Orange Frosty Martini

1 1/4 oz Amaretto
1/2 Fill Orange Juice
1/2 Fill Cream

Combine ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass. Enjoy!

Gwyneth Paltrow To Become A Pop Star

Gwyneth Paltrow has been secretly working with super-producer William Orbit to transform herself into a pop star.

Orbit – who has previously worked with Gwynnie’s pal Madonna – reckons she’s got a great voice and is thrilled with the tracks they’ve worked on. “We bumped into each other and got talking and it turned out she was keen to do some recording,” he says. “We’ve already done a track which will make a brilliant first single.”

credit mtv uk

Would You or Wouldn't You

Heath Ledger and his wife went to lunch looking awfully scruffy the other day! However, on a good day Mr. Heath can look awfully pleasing to the eye - Would You or Wouldn't You Heath Ledger?

Jessica's A Public Affair

Miss Simpson and her all-star posse – Christina Applegate, Christina Milian and Eva Longoria face the music while shooting "A Public Affair."

Haha, looks like there's nothing better to Jessica than struting her stuff with all her hot friends to make that ex jealous!

credit people

My guilty pleasure

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So, in case you're a Harry Potter reader like me:
J.K. Rowling has announced that the seventh and final Harry Potter book will feature the death of two characters.
She said: "The final chapter is hidden away, although it's now changed very slightly. One character got a reprieve. But I have to say two die that I didn't intend to die. A price has to be paid. We are dealing with pure evil here. They don't target extras do they? They go for the main characters. Well, I do."
She wouldn't say if one of the characters was Harry himself. The book is not even halfway finish and will be released next year.[AP]

Any ideas who it is?


Words Of Wisdom

"If she said that, that I cheated on her 27 times, then she is simply lying. Straight out, that's a lie and a gross, gross exaggeration of what happened in our marriage. I've admitted my indiscretion and apologised and took responsibility. I think maybe it's time for Halle to take some responsibility, instead of constantly casting herself in this victim mode and implying her commitment to our marriage was without flaw. I have refrained from ongoing attacks on her, and she needs to do the same. She should leave me and my daughter, India, in peace. Halle used to insist she loved India, though she hasn't seen her and has barely communicated with her in years, and not because I've stopped her. If she really had any feeling toward my girl, she'd realize how hurtful such statements are. Especially when they are untrue."

-Eric Benet on ex-wife Halle Berry

Sharon Stone Adopts Her Third Son

Sharon Stone has just adopted a third son this month and has named him Quinn Stone. “He’s absolutely adorable and the apple of his mommy’s eye. Sharon is tickled blue,” said one pal. Quinn joins two brothers, Roan and Laird.

Hmm does no one find it strange that she didn't want to adopt a baby girl? Just wondering what this sex crazied maniac wants with three younger boys - just wondering!

credit INO

Star To Leave The View

Access Hollywood is now reporting that Star Jones will announce her departure from The View this week. Star will leave the show in July. This is just two months before Rosie O'Donnell is expected to make her debut. Could Rosie have blackmailed Star into leaving, or is Star just running away like a scardy cat before anything even goes down? We put our $$ on Rosie!

"What you don't know is that my contract was not renewed for the 10th season," Star tells PEOPLE. "I feel like I was fired." Star adds that she was told her contract wouldn't be renewed just days before news leaked that O'Donnell would be joining The View.

Little Brown Dress

A woman does an experiment she calls "a one-woman show against fashion," wearing the same brown frump-of-the-month club dress every day for a year.

I get it; I'm just not sure how I feel about it.

Reminds me of Rotten Mischa recently.