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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Party Pics

Here are some pictures from Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood Party. Everyone was there...Emma Roberts, Taryn Manning, Amber Tamblyn, Hayden Panettiere with Stephen Coletti (who looks like he has red lipstick all over the side of his face).


Looks like yet another Hollywood romance is O-V-E-R.
A source close to the couple told People Magazine that Tony Parker and Eva Longoria have split up.

The source said:
"They did break up. It's amicable. They are talking and trying to figure the best course of action for their future. They are trying to work things out."

Supposedly their careers and distance apart is what many think was to blame for this split...too bad it happened when it did. They just bought a house together. Talk about bad timing.

Hot Guy of the Week!!! (finally, i know)

And the winner is......

Julian McMahon!!!

here's your weekend's worth... Enjoy!!

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hilary Duff's Bday Party

Hilary was joined with boyfriend Joel Madden, her mom, and a bunch of her friends to celebrate her 19th birthday...that's right, the girl's only 19 years old!
It looks like she had a fun night! :)
Happy belated birthday Hilary!

Win This!

Head on over to Instyle to enter to win the new book Individuals. In this book you can see your favorite stars posing in Gap ads as far back as 1989. And an added bonus, the book comes with a CD that has 15 songs used in past campaigns.

Slutastic Look of the Day

Dennis Rodman sure thought he was hot sh*t in a pink Playboy camisole in Las Vegas last night! Dennis partied with friends at Tangerine where he took part in their burlesque show. I don't care how drunk I got, even if Dennis Rodman came up to me in normal clothes I would scream!

Hot Guy of the Week Winner!!

Hey girls,
Sorry for the delay on the winner, but I'm TERRIBLY busy at work so I'll post the winner sometime today or tomorrow morning... alright?
So if you want to keep on voting, go ahead... I'll post a comment when the voting is over...

Thanx for understanding!


The Tini Lounge

Drunken Bunny Martini

1 oz Blue Curacao
1/2 oz whipped cream
1 oz Melon liqueur
1 oz Orange Rum

Blend first three ingredients together in a martini glass. The color should turn bright turquoise. Top with whipped cream and serve.

Rank Em!

It was a black and blonde affair at the opening of Area Nightclub in Hollywood. Which of these blondies do you think looked best? Rank em 1-3:

• Kristin Cavalleri
• Avril Lavigne
• Jessica Simpson

Cariel's list:
1. Avril
2. Jess
3. Kristin

What To See This Weekend

There a few good movies out this weekend, and I think School for Scoundrels will be MUCH BETTER than what the critics rated it! How could Jon Heder star in a movie and not be hilarious??

The Guardian
It's Waterworld all over again for Kevin Costner — he plays an aging Coast Guard rescue swimmer who meets his match in a cocky young recruit, Ashton Kutcher.
(Critics' Grade: B-)

School for Scoundrels
Showing his range as an actor, erstwhile Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder plays a dorky doofus who can't score with his dream girl (Jacinda Barrett). Maybe Billy Bob Thornton's lecherous confidence-class teacher, Dr. P, can help him out. (Critics' Grade: C+)

Open Season
Hey, it's another talking-animal movie! This one's got Martin Lawrence as a bear and — in case The Guardian ain't enough for ya — Ashton Kutcher as a deer. (Critics' Grade: C)

Michelle's Ink

Remember when Michelle Branch was famous?
Remember when Michelle Branch didn't have hideous tattoos?
Those were the days...

Lohan Won't Pay Hermes Reward

Miss Priss Lindsay Lohan has failed to reward the chauffeur who discovered her missing handbag stuffed with jewellery worth $1 million (GBP550,000) at a London airport. Lohan's representative promised TOM WEBSTER a reward or a thank you note from the star after his discovery at Heathrow Airport earlier this month (SEP06) - but he has heard nothing! Webster told, "They haven't gotten back to me. Not a word. She seems like a nice girl and she was pleased to get the bag back - it was full of diamonds and bracelets and necklaces. But it's really disappointing. I'd like to hear from her with maybe just a 'thanks very much.' "Her people took my address and phone number and said they'd be in touch. I know these stars need a good looking-after, but she could have easily just spoke to me on the phone."

Yeah I couldn't agree more Tom! Heck, if someone found my million $$ worth of jewles I'd give them a necklace right there on the spot!

Famous Female World Records

The newest Guinness world record for Highest Annual Earnings By A Female Singer:

Maddona knocks Britney Spears from the number one spot! Madge collected an impressive $50 million in 2004, crushing the crown Brit-Brit has rocked since 2001.

Other female world record placeholders:
  • Janet Jackson gets credit for the largest ever fine imposed on a broadcaster after the fallout of Nipplegate

  • Janet also replaces Britney as the world's most searched-for person and most searched-for news item on the Internet

  • Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton holds the title for fastest-selling non-fiction book after her memoirs sold 200 000 copies in just day one

  • Nicole Kidman holds the record for the most money paid per minute for an actor after she earned a $3.71 million for a four-minute commercial for Chanel No.5 perfume. (That's $15 458 per second.)

  • Tallest actresses (6'0): Sigourney Weaver, Brigitte Neilsen and Geena Davis
  • Would You or Wouldn't You

    Anna Nicole's new hubby, Howard K. Stern, may know how to get her out of a hot spot - but could he get your spot hot?

    Would You or Wouldn't You Howard K. Stern?

    B Likes To Party, B Likes, B Likes To Party

    Ah yes, looks like good ole' Beyonce really knows how to party! Why the heck isn't Jay-Z holding her hair back?


    Is anyone watching ANTM???

    Who did you love this week? Who did you hate???

    I'm still not sure who my favorites are yet...but I do LOVE this weeks pics of Anchal, AJ, Brooke, Amanda, and Michelle. They looked AMAZING!!!

    Scary Shirt...

    I saw this picture of Britney...and I immediately thought she was covered in tattoos.

    NOT A SEXY SHIRT Brit-Brit!!!

    Bring the sexy back...

    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    What Is She Thinking? (Incredibly Obvious Observations)

    Katie Holmes: "I'm doing a good job of convincing people that I'm happy...right?"

    Nicole Richie: "These oversized sunglasses make me look even thinner!"
    Kiki Dunst: "Aren't my socks sexy?"
    Posh Beckham: "My boobs look totally real!"

    Pete + Drugs = TLF

    So it looks like Pete Doherty was spotted buying syringes yesterday in Dublin.


    I gave him until Friday...but looks like Pete may already be off the wagon.

    The Sun states:

    He emerged on Monday looking healthier than I have ever seen him. But yesterday he was seen visiting a chemist in Dublin to buy two hypodermic needles. Pete was staying at the city’s Morrison Hotel with girlfriend Kate Moss. The supermodel joined him on his sell-out Irish tour, which ends tonight at the Heineken Festival in Waterford.

    But yesterday lunchtime, before a gig, he left Kate’s side to sneak out and buy his secret package. At 12.05pm he walked into Health Express chemist in Millenium Ways, Dublin, on his own. Wearing a scruffy white T-shirt and black suit, he left minutes later putting a bag containing two syringes into his top pocket.

    $1 Makeup Sale!!

    No, that title's not a typo! Apparently a new line of make-up called elf is wanting to promote itself, so all of the products are on sale right now for one dollar! I'm not sure how long this sale's going to last, so if you want some hurry on over to the elf website ASAP!

    Bloomingdale's has posted this on their website:
    Some of our customers have received emails regarding the website. We want you to know that Bloomingdale's and Bloomingdale's by Mail are in no way affiliated with or the e.l.f product line, nor with any email regarding the website or product line, and we do not sell e.l.f. products.


    East coast or west coast...just where do you belong?

    This quiz gives you answers as to which big city, NYC or L.A., is right for you. Take it to see if you are a California girl at heart or are full of NYC attitude.

    Diane got: LA...however, I don't agree with this outcome ONE BIT!!!

    What did YOU get???

    Slutastic Look of the Day

    Two cent street hooker or billionaire midget? I know it's hard to decide from the picture, but this really is Mary Kate Olsen! Someone get this girl a stylist stat!

    The Tini Lounge

    Diamond Fizz Martini

    shot of gin
    juice from half a lemon
    1 tsp. powdered sugar
    bottle chilled champagne

    Shake the first three ingredients over ice and strain into an ice filled martini glass. Top off the glass with the champagne. Enjoy!

    New Couple?

    Maybe I have been out of the loop, but from the looks of this picture Jaime King and Jason Schwartzman look to be rather comfortable together.
    I didn't hear anything about him and Zooey Deschanel breaking up...hmmmmmmmm

    *Bulge Alert*

    There is something about men in spandex that is just not sexy...

    Hey Matthew, I think I know where all your missing socks are ending up...

    the fashion side of gossip


    Milan Fashion Week started with a catwalk show by Italian designer Elena Miro who featured voluptuous models.
    As the skinny debate continues, Miro used models who were size 14- 16 to model her collection for Spring summer 2007.

    Fashion writer Laura Asnagi told The Mail that the models including 20 year old Valentina Mezzetti, were a joy to watch. Mizzetti, who is a size 14 (US SIZE 10) , revealed that she used to be very thin but has since gained weight because she was fed up eating salads.
    She said:” I used to be wafer-thin but then I just got fed up with eating depressing salads at the time. I put on 11 kilos (24.2 lbs) in eight months and now I couldn't be happier. I eat lasagne all the time and I have even found love - so it can't be that bad having a fuller figure.”
    Mauro Davico, communications director for Elena Miro, said: "We make clothes for the real sized woman. The majority of our sales are size 14(US 10) and size 16(US 12).
    "We call it 'curve-a-porter' instead of 'pret-a-porter'. "Our designs cater for real women. Whether they are skinny or fat doesn't matter. A woman should be the size that is natural for her. .

    Your thoughts?

    Lilly Allen Calls Paris Hideous

    "Paris is hideously untalented. I poured my heart into my album. She just got someone else to do it for her. If she's rude to me I'll punch her."

    Lilly Allen (yeah, had to google her... she's a pop artist who is apparently all big in London)

    Avril Lavigne is classy... not

    Well, for whoever thought Avril Lavigne would grow up and stop being "one of the guys" after married, she proves once again that you're mistaken.

    According to and their photogs, last night after celebrating her 22nd birthday at Hyde, she spotted the paparazzi and autograph seekers and started yelling a bunch of "f*ck yous" and gracefully spat at one of the photographers hitting him in the face and yelling "b*tch!"...
    Btw, this is the 2nd time this has happened this week.

    Seriously, I get that they're annoying and all, but EWWW!