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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow Day!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will probably be light on the posting for the next two days. We have some crazy blizzard-like weather going on here and getting the internet to work isn't exactly easy! Hopefully I can get back to the gossip soon, but until then this hot cocoa and Baileys is treating me just fine!

-Barbie Martini

Brit's NEW Friend...

I guess Paris was out of town last night so Britney decided to hangout with one of her pals...Grease-head (Brandon Davis). Look at how she tries to hide her head in shame in the car...she should be embarrassed.

P.S. uhhh...I think her shirt is a bit too tight...looks like those buttons are gonna fly off any second now!


Nicole Kidman top highest-paid actress list

Nicole Kidman is the queen of Hollywood when it comes to money. The Oscar winner, who earns as much as $17 million per movie, tops the fifth annual list of highest-paid actresses released Wednesday by The Hollywood Reporter.

Kidman ranked second on last year's list behind four-time top-earner Julia Roberts, who didn't make the list this year.

Here is the rest of the rundown:

2nd Place-Reese Witherspoon with $15 million for each film3rd Place- Drew Barrymore with $15 million each film
4th Place- Cameron Diaz with $15 million each film
5th Place- Renee Zellweger
6th Place- Halle Berry with $14 million each film
7th Place- Charlize Theron with $10 million
8th Place- Angelina Jolie with $10 million
9th Place- Kirsten Dunst with $8-$10 million
10th Place- Jennifer Aniston with $8 million


What Not to Wear

Pink looking ever so tacking leaving the Ivy in London. She is currently in the middle of her European I'm Not Dead tour.

If you ask me, I think she looks like Sienna Miller. Another one that has no fashion sense in my opinion.


Britney looking more covered up

Looks like Ms. Britney Spears has finally decided that flashing herself around town wasn't suitable anymore. Here she is seen leaving CVS Pharmacy in Malibu looking somewhat normal despite the ugly sunglasses.


Ed Burn on Fatherhood

Ed Burns claim to face was in The Brother McMullen as one of the brothers. Now howver, the role of father suits him best.

Burns and wife, model Christy Turlington, are the proud parents of 3-year-old daughter Grace and 10-month-old son Finn. Like their famous actor/director father, his kids love movies as well.


Will The Prince Pop the Question to His Princess??

The top sport in England these days isn't football or polo-it's guessing when Prince William will finally get engaged to longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Britain's Mail on Sunday reported that Kate has been invited to the Queen's country retreat, Sandringham, to join the entire Windsor clan for Christmas Day lunch-an unprecedented honor for an unmarried partner of a royal.

There is also the construction of the 10,000 square foot neo-Georgian mansion being built by the royal family on part of a 900-acre estate in a village in Herefordshire, which many believe is being prepared for Will and Kate.

Friends of the couple say that Will, known for his stubborn streak, won't let anyone dictate a time frame, he has also said that he doesn't want to get married until he's 28. He's 24 right now.

Only time will tell when these happy lovebirds will finally tie the knot, however a family friend said, "This is certainly not something that they are going to rush into. But their relationship is very strong."


Nicole's Road to Recovery

It's only been a month since Nicole Richie announced she was seeking treatment for her inability to gain weight, but friends are noticing a difference. "She has put on at least 5lbs," says a source close to the actress. "She wants to prove that she's trying to change."

Richie has even "distanced herself from a lot of (old) friends. Among those older friends is Rachel Zoe. Richie hit the American Music Awards last week in a short vintage Christian Dior dress with the help of new style consultant Cristina Ehrlich looking "much healthier", said an onlooker.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hilary pics

Here are some pics of Hilary Duff in Lush. I don't know about you guys, but I'm NOT digging them at all...well, the first picture isn't too bad. I think it is the hair that is just grossing me out.

What do you think?


K-Fed's Porn Star

Kevin Federline repordedly was having an affair with a former porn star a full month before Britney Spears filed for divorce in November.

Federline met Kendra Jake, an "exotice dancer" and former porn star, in Las Vegas December 2005 while Spears was visiting her family in Kentwood, Louisiana, according to Star magazine, and the two stayed in touch.

"Kev and Kendra had sex at their friends' apartment multiple times, staring in early October," a source told the tabloid. "Their friend would call Kendra and a few other girls to come and hang out, and it would always end up with Kevin and Kendra heading off to the spare bedroom!"

A source says that they are "just friends who have sex." When contacted for comment by Star, Jade only said, " I'm in a committed relationship."


Kristin Cavallari at the US Premiere of CONCEPT TIGUAN presented by Volkswagon

Cameron Diaz Leaving ABC studios in NYC

The Real World: Denver

Don't forget to watch an all new episode of The Real World: Denver tonight at 10PM on MTV. This seasons casts seems...uhhh...interesting. The first episode was full of so much craziness. There is going to be so much D-R-A-M-A this season...I think if I was living in the house I would go CRAZY!

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be in the house? Take this short questionnaire to find out who from the Denver season would be your friend, your enemy, and your hookup.

Diane got: Colie is my friend. Tyrie is my enemy. Stephen is my hookup. ---yeah, I don't think so.

What did you get???


Gwen Stefani Rocks Her New Wig

Gwen Stefani visited MuchMusic Studios yesterday rocking her new ultra blonde wig. Now don't get me wrong I love Gwen as a bleached blonde...But I have a feeling this wig is about to over stay it's welcome!


Nick Lachey Buys a Baseball Team

The Tacoma Rainiers franchise, the Triple-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners, is Nick's new team.

"It had always been a dream of mine to be involved in team sports in general, especially on a local level in your hometown," said Lachey. A couple years ago, the Cincinnati Reds came up for sale, and "I made an attempt to become a part of the ownership," he says. "Unfortunately, it didn't work out, but it certainly reiterated my interest in having some kind of ownership involvement. So, when this opportunity came around, it felt like a great way to get involved."

Lachey's stake actually makes him one-third owner and active investor in the team. "But I certainly don't want to be one of those meddling owners who is trying to give his influence where it's not wanted," Nick said.


*what to wear*

Your holiday work party/New Year's Eve party is coming up and you have nothing to wear. What are you gonna do? Look no further...we have found some adorable dresses that won't make you go broke. Get 'em while you can!!!

LaBelle Stretch Satin Sheath - reg. $68.99...SALE $50.99

Behnaz Sarafpour Taffeta Dress with Grosgrain Waist - Oxford Shell - $44.99

Candie's® Black and Gold Eyelet Dress - reg. $68.00...SALE $40.80



Need to take a break this Wednesday? This quiz may help! Take the fun and easy What Abercrombie shirt are you quiz now!

The Britster Gets It Together

UPDATE: I spoke too soon! Here is a pic of Brit that same night flashing her crotch again! Blech!

It looks like after her six-day partying marathon, Britney is finally getting her act back together! X17 online spotted the Brister getting gas last night, and she was looking downright - well- normal! That dress she has on even looks sorta cute!

Lookin' Fab

I seriously think Zooey Deschanel is one of the cutest of the cute. She always dresses adorable and fun (in her signature black tights). Love the look Zooey! So proud to see that you aren't going around showing off your naughty places like some of your peers.


The Tini Lounge

Snow in Tokyo Martini Recipe

  • 1 1/2 oz Sake
  • 1 1/2 oz. Vanilla Vodka
  • 1 oz White Chocolate Liqueur
  • Splash Baileys
  • Dash Kahula Chocolate Shavings
  • Maraschino Cherry Juice
  • Milk Chocolate, Finely Shaved
Place ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously. Dip the rim of a martini glass into the juice of maraschino cherries then dip into milk chocolate shavings until they stick. Strain liquid into glass. Garnish with the Kahula shavings.

pic source

Celebrity Fantasy League

If your playing in Barbie Martini's Celebrity Fantasy League your new celebrity list for this week is now posted in the Barbie Martini Forums! Don't forget that this weeks picks must be submitted to by 6am (eastern) Friday morning!

Remember, our game is just a mini league so if your interested in playing a full out Fantasy League we recommend trying The Girls In The Know League at
(our league and theirs are not related) Each week Barbie Martini will pick one celebrity for their league that we think deserves to get recognized - our pick for this week is Rachel Bilson. Even though things with Rachel's boyfriend Adam Brody may not be all peachy keen, (the pair hasn't been spotted together in a very long time) Rachel always seems to flash her pearly whites everywhere she goes. Barbie Martini says, " Nice work Rachel on always looking super trendy and happy all the time!" If we all were as cute as Rachel the world would be a perfect place!

If you're playing Celebrity Fantasy League at and have Rachel Bilson on your active talent roster, you have just earned 5 points!

pic source

Ben Wants More Kids!

It seems like parenting agrees with Ben Affleck. The father of Violet, who turns 1 on Dec 1, says he wants more children with wife, Jennifer Garner. Ellen DeGeneres wasn't afraid to ask the actor about more kids on her show airing today. DeGeneres asked, " Will you have more? Should I ask that question?" Affleck responded, " You know...sure, I would love to."

Suggesting, however, that "some people" would want 'five or six' kids and would "love to have a large family," DeGenerous is told by Affleck: " I think I should probably talk to my wife before I talk to you."


Jessica on the set of Blonde Ambition

Looks like Jessica is at it again! She is on the set of her latest project, Blonde Ambition filming in Shreveport, LA on Monday. In the film, Simpson plays a women working her way up on the corporate ladder.

Hopefully this project won't be a total bust.


Shanna and Travis acting civil

Shanna Moakler is speaking to her estranged husband, Travis Barker. The two were seen in at the Beverly Hills eatery, Mr. Chow. They even drove off together after their meal.

Apparently they have resolved their childish fights on myspace. They should considering they have three children! Grow up!


Celebs out and about at The US Premiere of CONCEPT TIGUAN presented by Volkswagon

Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, and The Hills stars Lauren and Heidi


It's a girl!!!

Congratulations are in order for Sofia Coppola and her boyfriend, Thomas Mars. Sofia gave birth to a baby girl on Tuesday in Paris. They named their new daughter Romy. This is the couple's first child.


Star Magazine Cover!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What To Watch

Oprah- guests include Julia Roberts and Dakota Fanning to promote the new "Charlotte's Web" movie. Also Sarah McLachlan will also make an appearence. Tune in a 5/4 central

A Charlie Brown Christas- 8/7 central
Big Day- Series Premiere 9/8 central

Dog: The Bounty Hunter- Make sure you tune in for the 3rd Season Final on a 9/8 central

My Boys-Series Premiere 8/9 central

Pic Source

Hot Guy of the Week

Oliver Hudson's week is starting to come to a close...enjoy the pics while they last!