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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Celebrity Fantasy League

If your playing in Barbie Martini's Celebrity Fantasy League your new celebrity list for this week is now posted in the Barbie Martini Forums! Don't forget that this weeks picks must be submitted to by 6am (eastern) Friday morning!

Remember, our game is just a mini league so if your interested in playing a full out Fantasy League we recommend trying The Girls In The Know League at
(our league and theirs are not related) Each week Barbie Martini will pick one celebrity for their league that we think deserves to get recognized - our pick for this week is Courtney Cox. With her newest television show dirt hoarding a lot of press lately, Barbie Martini thinks Courtney Cox is going to be back in the lime light. Barbie Martini says, "Courtney Cox may be the only "Friend" who has a shot at breaking out of the mold."

If you're playing Celebrity Fantasy League at and have Courtney Cox on your active talent roster, you have just earned 5 points!

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