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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gift Wrapping Tips

As Christmas gets closer and closer, I'm sure that there are many of you that still have to wrap all your presents. Well here are 8 tips to make it easier on you!

Tips For Pretty Packages

1.) After-Christmas sales are the perfect time t o stock up on paper and trimmings for the following year.

2.) Fill a wrapping box with papers, ribbons, and other fun things that you have collected. Save bits of ribbon, seam binding, twine, and tiny ornaments.

3.) Choose a specific theme to as you wrap your gifts.

4.) Make gift wrapping less hectic by wrapping as you buy. Use a gift sticker to identify each gift, and then store until the holidays. Ribbons and tags are easily crushed, so don't add them until you're ready to display or give the gifts.

5.) Use simple, inexpensive materials like tissue paper or kraft paper, then use special ribbons and items from your wrapping box.

6.) Wrap oversize packages with a patchwork of pretty paper scraps made with a sewing machine.

7.) Adorn simple stationary-store tags with ribbon and greenery to make gift tags.



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