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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Laguna Beach lunch... i think they might be actually eating.

1. Nicole Richie is eating.
2. Nicole Richie is hanging out with LC from Laguna Beach? WHHHAAAAT? Perhaps she was sentenced to this by the judge after her DUI... Your sentence consists of being forced to hang out with pretend celebrities. Although they do seem to have a little in common, and by a little I mean Brody Jenner.

May I also take this opportunity to say that during the past few months, tabloids have been commenting on Nicole's "weight gain"... As far as I can tell she just dyed her hair. She looks different... but different does not mean that she gained any poundage. Or that she looks healthy. At all. Shove some more of that hamburger into your mouth, Nicole.

(and thus ends my first post, which i rewrote maybe 45 times because I was nervous about it! i'm super excited to be joining the barbie martini team!!)

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