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Thursday, December 21, 2006


Today for out healthy section I'm posting some simple yet effective tips to doing a low-impact workout while shopping! What more could a barbiemartini girl want?!

1. Park and walk
This is an oldie but a goodie. Park as far away from the mall as you can ‑- across the street if you dare ‑- and walk it. If you live within a reasonable walking distance from the mall (provided there is actually a sidewalk ‑- we don't suggest strolling in traffic), why not hoof it from your house?

2. Take the stairs
Around every corner in the mall is a big escalator or a shiny elevator. Unless you're pushing a stroller, avoid these like the plague. They are not your friends. Walk ‑- even all the way to the other end of the mall ‑- and take the stairs. Feel that pull in your backside as you're going up? That's your buns getting gorgeous. Keep going!

3. Speed it up
Okay, we like browsing too, but between stores you don't need to lollygag. Leave the little ones at home and pick up the pace when you're moving from the Gap to Macy's. Every little bit helps, and if you're just meandering along, you could be easily distracted by the deliciously evil smells coming from the food court. Speaking of which...

4. Bring your own snacks
Another no-brainer, but crucial if you want all the work you're doing to pay off. You deserve a snack after hauling all those bags up and down the stairs, but skip the food court and carry some goodies in your bag. An apple, a baggie of carrot sticks, blueberries, a bag of almonds, a whole grain snack bar ‑- you get the idea.



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