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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


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Today for our sexy-martini section we get some tips from on how to wear tights and look good while doing it!

by Melissa Kagan
Which shoes look best with tights?
Really, any type of chunky-heeled shoe looks smart with opaque tights. Winterize your peep-toes by pairing them with ribbed hosiery, or update your silver metallics by pairing them with shades of gray. Boots (short or long) are an ideal match with woolly hose this season, as are grown-up Mary Janes or platforms platforms teamed with darks or brights.

Do I have to match my legwear with my shoes?
While matching your hose with your shoes is leg-lengthening and an easier option when you're getting dressed, don't be afraid to have some fun with color and texture. And remember, the old-school rule that you shouldn't pair brown and black no longer applies, so achieve an ultrachic look by donning rich browns with your black footwear.

Are opaque tights evening-worthy?
Fashionistas can now stop freezing in their dressy frocks, as black tights are no longer taboo for evening. Many designers showed shimmery evening tunics and dresses paired with black opaques and dressy sandals, and celebrities like Sienna Miller and Mischa Barton have already debuted this look down the red carpet. Keep an eye out for unique patterns and textures as options to basic solids.

How do I wear colored tights?
Bright tights made a splash down the fashion runways this season in eye-popping colors and wild prints. But looking over-the-top may not mesh with your lifestyle, so assemble with caution. Avoid ultrabusy patterns and horizontal stripes and stick to delicate designs or easier-on-the-eye prints on dark backgrounds. For solids, team your tights with a hue that's featured in your ensemble, or play it safe and wear them with a black dress and black boots. Keep in mind, your legs will be the focus of attention, so make sure your gams are an asset to your figure.

What about semiopaque legwear for the season?
Not only do sheer hose look dated and too ladylike in this season of, tweeds, plaids and layering, but they also aren't nearly as slimming as opaque tights. The thicker opaques counteract any lumps and bumps that occur under knit dressing, and they hide a multitude of sins when you're wearing an of-the-moment micromini. But keep in mind that pairing them with lightweight clothing such as frothy skirts and gauzy dresses won't do.


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