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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tim Burton Gets Sued By Ex For Fraud

Director Tim Burton has been sued for fraud by his former lover, Lisa Marie, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE. In a suit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Marie, who describes herself as an actress, model, artist, writer and photographer, claims that Burton owes her palimony from their 10-year relationship, and that after their split she'd settled for a lesser amount under false pretenses. was first to report the suit.

She says she and Burton began dating beginning around December 1991, and that when they began living together they agreed to combine their earnings, with Marie serving as Burton's personal manager. She also says Burton promised to support her for the rest of her life. Marie claims that after Burton left her, his associates, claiming they were acting on her behalf, conspired with Burton to fraudulently convince her that she had little chance of winning a palimony claim. Burton even held secret talks with one of her close friends, a woman named Cherry Vanilla, in a plot to convince Marie to settle. As a result, she accepted a settlement of $2.7 million for their apartment in New York, and a Jaguar. She now wants to rescind the settlement agreement and is seeking unspecified damages.

Now if you already got $2.7 million out of some dude you were never even married to woudln't you be happy?? Some people just need to step back and smell their cash flow!


  • At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    yeah but 2.7 over 10years and being dumped for a fug like Carter isn't enough.


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