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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Barbie Martini's Boombox

This week Barbie Martini is bringing you an interview that we did with singer/songwriter Amber Rubarth. Full of beautiful, angelic melodies...Amber knows how to make your eardrums smile! Here is a portion of our interview:

Barbie Martini:
What do you like playing more...guitar or piano?
Amber Rubarth:
I feel more tapped in when I'm playing piano than anything else on the planet. I picked up the guitar about 4 years ago and use that most in my live shows, but piano will always be my first love.

BM: I see you're touring everywhere from California to New York to there any city that you haven't performed in yet that you want to play in?
Next on my list is Japan. I'm studying up and shooting for November. Konnichiwa!

BM: What is your favorite kind of martini?
Uhh.. how about favorite beer? Guiness. Otherwise girly drinks with dark colored fruits and mojitos go down nicely. Mmmm...

BM: How long would you tell someone to pursue their dreams?
AR: Until you stop enjoying either the pursuit or the dream.

BM: Fake or real?
Real, all the way.

To read the rest of our interview with Amber Rubarth be sure to check out our forum or our blog on MySpace. Also, stop by Amber's MySpace page!!!


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