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Monday, June 25, 2007

Barbie Martini's Boombox

This week we are featuring the band: The Age of Rockets. Andrew, the band's singer/songwriter, was nice enough to do an interview with me.

Barbie Martini: Describe your sound...
Andrew from The Age of Rockets: I suppose we are Ambient electronic pop. Though when I say electronic I usually think of dance music on pop radio. I guess it would be more accurate to say we make indie rock music on keyboards and drum machines but the problem with that is that I sound absolutely retarded saying that because it's such an over the top explanation of something very simple. I am very sensitive about this subject. Regardless, our new album has very little electronic elements. Synth has been replaced with a string section and some woodwinds and the electronic drums are now real drums and electronic programming working together. So I would say we are indie orchestral pop now. I keep saying "pop". I guess we are at the core just a second rate N'sync.

BM: What was the last album you bought?
Andrew: I bought 3 at the same time. EL-P's album "I'll sleep when you're Dead", The Arctic Monkeys "Favorite Worst Nightmare" (GO TO HELL I LIKE THEM!!) The 5 songs Uffie has released via random ep's and compilations. Though if I were to recommend 3 releases I would say Gregory and The Hawk's "In Your Dreams", Jenny Owen Youngs "Batten The Hatches" and Paper and Sand's "Wolf at my Door". All 3 will eat you alive with there awesome goodness.

BM: Where is your band going and what is your focus?
Andrew: Our band is going on tour! Right now the focus is finishing up our album and then going back to Europe and doing a round of the USA and Canada. We have a very kind, attractive, amazing, awesome real-ultimate-power-ninja fan base and we want to hang out with all of them this fall.

BM: What is your favorite kind of martini?
Andrew: Martinis are undoubtedly delicious but as being in a band is my only source of income I can rarely if ever afford one. I personally hate olives so as long as there is not one of those in there then I am set. most recently I had a Lychee flavored one at a thai restaurant called Rain that hit the spot like a fucking mack truck.

BM: Wine or Whine
Andrew: Wine. Duh. Does anyone ever say whine?


To catch the rest of our interview with Andrew from The Age of Rockets please check out Barbie Martini's forum...or our blog on MySpace. Also be sure to visit The Age of Rockets' MySpace page and website!!!



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