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Monday, July 02, 2007

Tears of Joy

I never got the appeal of this dude. I understand the bad boy image thing, but... seriously, ew.

Anyway, it's been reported that Kate Moss has gotten wind of Pete Doherty cheating on her, so she's fled London to Paris to collect her thoughts. They were to be married, sometime this year I think, and when she heard that he had picked up a model by name of Libby, last Thursday, and took her back to a friends house for some... "quality" time, she immediately flew off to Paris with her 4-year old daughter. Friends say she's trying to be strong for her daughter, but she's pretty much been a wreck since the news broke out.

The news couldn't have come at a worst time. She was recently dropped as the as the face of a lingerie line, Agent Provacateur, for a much younger fresher model, 18-year old Daisy Lowe.

Seriously though... do not shed a tear for this guy. Pete Doherty? Come on! How are you gonna go from someone like Johnny Depp to this guy? She has a daughter and she wants someone like Pete Doherty to help raise her daughter. Nah-uh! I sincerely hope she doesn't go through with the marriage.


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  • At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    She is a hateful privilaged model and selfishly rude person wanting to be a singer before she gets too old.. He's a somewhat poetic/artsy freakish addicted singer with a band, with reams of shocking publicity about his bad boy behavior and probably the only man on earth that would kindly let her sing with him.. but oh MAMA he comes with a lot of rehab baggage, and she is just too bossy and career-driven to suit his laid back, I think I'll stay this way, not finish that and try that for a while.. lazy style.


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