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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Seth @ LAX

I don't think we see enough of Seth Green anymore. Always hilarious in That 70's Show, Can't Hardly Wait, and Greg the Bunny (my personal favorite)'s too bad he's been MIA lately. Another reason I just love him is a few years back my parents were on a flight back to Newark Airport from Italy and they were on the same plane as Seth Green. My mom even had a nice converstaion with him. She didn't really realize who he was right away...but said he was very friendly. I love him for being so down to Earth that he could chat it up with my mom!




  • At 4:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't remember him being on that 70's show... but robot chicken is awesome!

  • At 4:52 PM, Blogger diane said…

    yeah...he was on a few episodes. him and eric HATED each other.

  • At 12:32 AM, Anonymous m'low said…

    Kudos on the 'robot chicken' is awesome ... the Robot Chicken Star Wars episode was really funny!

  • At 6:35 AM, Blogger Misty Blu said…

    I actually met him last night and he is so down to earth. He talked to me for awhile and he even let me sit on his lap and take a pic.

    PS Clare Grant was with him


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