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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

TREND ALERT---cool clutches

Handbags always finish off the statement you're making with your outfit...but right now clutches are the big deal. They are perfect for any evening out on the town. They instantly dress up an outfit, even if your only in jeans. Check out some of our favorite picks!

This Patchwork Toggle Clutch from Urban Outfitters is priced at $48. It comes in three colors (black, gold, or eggplant). The suede stripes make this clutch oh so hip!

This Bow Clutch from Nine West is perfect for the fall. This clutch is priced at $49. It comes in a variety of colors (fushcia, black, purple, and iron). This will certainly take a simple outfit a long way!

This In A Flap Wristlet from Kenneth Cole is super sleek and modern. It is a little bit more expensive, but for $128 it is SO WORTH IT! You know that this clutch is made to last, and it will go with practically anything in your wardrobe. Get it in grey or black.

Not sure if a clutch is the right look for you? Well, then pick up this Faux Leather Clutch from Forever 21. It's only $ you can't go wrong!

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