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Friday, September 28, 2007


I wanted to post this yesterday...but the CW website didn't have the pictures up yet. Anyway, they are up now!

This past week's episode of America's Next Top Model was full of crazy photoshoots, lots of arguing, and a shocking new rule (Tyra announced that this season will be the first season that prohibits smoking. Personally, I think that's great...but then again I don't smoke. And I'm sure the tension from the competition will drive the ones who are smokers to lots of bitchiness!).

For this week's photoshoot the girls were shot looking sexy while smoking, but then in the mirror was their reflection showing the negative aspects of smoking. My favorites were Chantal, Heather, Saleisha, Janet, and Lisa.

I still don't think I have a favorite model yet...I have to see how the next couple episodes go. Do you have a favorite? What picture from this week did you like the best? Head on over to the CW to check out all of the photos from this week.


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