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Monday, September 17, 2007

Audrina Partridge Sits Down with OK!

Audrina sits down and does an interview with OK! magazine, which hit the news stands last Thursday.

From what I read of the interview it mostly focused on Lauren, which I didn't think was fair for her. I kinda do want to know more about Audrina, and what she wants to do. We all know that Lauren wants to work in the fashion industry, Heidi wants to be a club promoter/singer/famous, Whitney wants to be in publishing and... Audrina used to want to be an actress(?)

She was really honest in one question and I thought it was a really well thought out answer:

Many people don't think Heidi treated Lauren well. What's your view?
This whole show is based on friends — friendships and relationships. It is almost too much. I think when Lauren was with Jason she was with him all the time too. I think in a way Lauren should have understood that Heidi was in love with this guy. Whenever I'm in a relationship, I try to balance my time. I balance my time with Justin and it is hard, but I do it. I really make the effort to do it. But I think Spencer kind of sucked Heidi in and Heidi fell for him way too fast. Like her dad said on the episode, once Heidi's with a guy, she forgets all of her friends.


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