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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Britney Loses Custody of Kids!!!

I was trying really hard not to do any Britney posts, but this one is worthy of discussing.

For the past few weeks, even before the VMA's there were reports of KFed tracking down Britney's entourage and serving them with papers for his custody hearing. Then yesterday out of the blue her manager AND her attorney quit on her.

Well it turns out the so-called secret witness they had was Britney's bodyguard Tony Barretto, who was fired back in May after her time in rehab. Barretto made allegations to his former employer on nudity, drug use and safety issues in regards to the children. But he was never called to the stand for cross-examination.

With all that said: As early as this morning... Britney Spears has lost full custody of her children, temporarily. KFed can pick them up as early as this morning. But do not fear, there are two trial dates set later this year (November and December) for the rest of the custody battle to take place.

With parents like Spears and Federline, do they have a fighting chance of turning out somewhat normal?


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