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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Hills Chat

So last night's episode was really good. I swear this show never disappoints! Some of the highlights:

~Jason invited Lauren to his housewarming/engagement party...Lauren and Audrina show up not knowing he's engaged. What a jerk! I mean why would you not tell her before she got there. Obviously that was hard for her. I seriously thought she was gonna cry. No worries Lauren, you're too good for Jason anyway.

~I'm guessing Jenn Bunny knows deep down that this marriage between Heidi and Spencer isn't going to work out.

~Seems like Spencer isn't too into the engagement either...since he hasn't told his parents yet! Red flag flag!

~Maybe I missed something, but did Whitney's photoshoot with that band go that poorly? I mean I guess I understand that Lisa didn't approve of her going out with the band for drinks the night before...but I mean the guys were a little late...but other than that it seemed to go rather smoothly from what they showed anyway.

NEXT WEEK...I CAN NOT WAIT!!! I love it that Elodie puts in her notice because she can't handle Heidi anymore! HAHAHA!!! And why is Lauren all over Brody again? She needs a NEW boy...seriously!!!

What are your thoughts on last night's episode...and on next week's previews???


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  • At 12:12 PM, Anonymous Emily said…

    Good show last night... I cannot believe that Jason is engaged after knowing this chick for 7 months. He should definitly have told Lauren about it before she got to the party. That was really sad...I wanted to cry for her...She obviously still has feelings for Jason. And it appeared like he had feelings for her to. Who knows. I dont think his relationship will end up working out... too weird. The girls not hot either. anyways.. like they said..hes gonna fall and fall hard and Lauren will be there to pick him up. I think its great that Elode put her notice in ..Heidi did her soo wrong.. and Elode doesnt hide the fact that shes bothered by it. Heidi is going to regret all these selfish things shes doing to the girls in her life. Shes going to end up with no man and no friends.. too bad..sometimes you gotta learn the hard way. Spencer is a jerk..he hasent even told his parents hes engaged..what more do you need Heidi ..what more do you need to see the real him. As for Lauren an Brody... I dont know.. i like Brody. He is really hot.. how can a girl help herself... have life.....

  • At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think Jason's fiancee is a total idiot for saying "yes" to him!! Doesn't she pay attention to the media to see what a sleeze bag he is?? Not to mention that he has A.D.D. and is constantly looking around at other chicks???

  • At 1:14 PM, Blogger ann said…

    lauren said it best... if he's still in any program he shouldn't even be in a committed relationship. I'm thinking that he just latched himself onto a girl and he's feeling really needy. I felt a really bitchy vibe coming from the girl and wasn't liking it.

    as for next week... i dunno. i kinda like brody. i feel like they didn't get a fighting chance to work things out. but he lost major points for using the same lines on jen bunney. we'll see..

  • At 2:35 PM, Anonymous bopper said…

    I thought Lauren's eye rolling and little squirrel sips and squinched up expressions suggested that she still wants Jason. Lauren tries to act like she's not bothered by the engagement, but she can't deny the feelilngs she'll always have for the boy. Its sad, but these two seem to have an unbreakable bond. Can anyone say, "friends with benefits"? HOLLA!


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