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Thursday, September 20, 2007


I didn't know too much about this one, aside from the very few promo's that I heard, but I took a peek before heading over to watch ANTM and got sucked into it. Probably because they aired the first half of it commercial free.

The premise is 40 kids (ages ranging anywhere from 8 to 15) are put in an abandoned town. Obvious questions are of course who's going to step in and assume the typical roles: the leader, the outcast, the rule-breaker, etc.

Among the 40 kids the show designated four kids as "council members" to oversee the town. Make sure everything runs smoothly. For the first few nights things were pretty much random. Then the show had the four kids pick "teams" and divided the town into four sectors. (Survivor much?) The four teams played against each other to fight for position in town each week. Depending on the position you would get paid a nickel a person or a dollar.

I liked where it was going until they got into the game playing. I don't know. I'm going to probably be channel surfing this one when I get back into ANTM.



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