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Monday, September 10, 2007

MTV VMA's @ Palms Casino in Vegas

Over the years it's been getting harder and harder to get through the awards show, and last night was no exception. I hated it when they held in Miami and was thrilled when they brought it back to the city but then due to falling numbers in their viewership MTV decided to do another approach, and hold the awards show in Vegas, at the Palms Casino.

The idea was novelty and theoretically fun, but the whole thing was not well played out. First of all you have the awards ceremony being held throughout the casino, and so it just seemed like a E! Wild On show. We were just following the cameras as they video taped a celebrity party going on. So you're watching the likes of Justin, Timbaland, 50 Cent, Kanye, etc. performing in a hotel suites with hundreds of people around them. It wasn't fun watching.

On top of all the room switching we have a very non-MTV crowd acting as the audience. It seemed that the majority of all the people in the crowd for the "ceremony" was a Vegas crowd. Older people who looked like they got lost on the way to the casino and so the crowd wasn't pumped for any performances and... it was lame.

I think MTV should stop letting the interns decide how to run the company. I feel as though they asked the interns (their "target group") where the awards show should take place, and they all put their heads together and decided Vegas, cause they wanted a free trip out of it. Nice job guys.

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