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Friday, September 07, 2007

Scheduled Breakup

Looks like Heidi and Spencer's friends are joining in the fun telling stories about these two. Either that or Heidi and Spencer paid them as well to get their names in the paper.

Rumors are that their friends went to OK! magazine and said that they plan to stage a huge breakup. That's right... they're going to schedule a breakup just in time for the season finale. Then during the season hiatus they plan to sell their side of the story to the tabloids for as much as they can, before reuniting in Cabo.

The breakup is to be spawned by accusations of Spencer cheating (big surprise there) and then with a huge spectacle of Heidi moving out of their condo.

OK! asked MTV about these rumors, seeing as their credible "reality" show is becoming more and more like a soap opera, conveniently. The MTV representative denied such things ever being said, but Brody Spencer, Pratt's ex-best friend simply said, "I wouldn’t put it past Spencer."


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