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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Calling All Artists!

ATTENTION ALL ARTISTS!!! A friend of mine (Olivia Williams) is sponsoring a fundraiser to raise money for the California Wildfire Victims. She is looking for artists to donate art to sell.

The art will be in a special folder on her website and how much it is going for. All the proceeds will go to the California wildfire fund. At the end of a few months, she hopes to raise a decent amount of money. If you are not an artist, you can still help get the word out so that when all the work is up people will buy.

Pre-exsisting work is preferred, but if you really want to make new or separate work let her know when it would be ready to upload, as the works may be uploaded a little bit at a time, as artists join later or whatnot.

You can send high rez images with your name, a very short statement of you or your work, and how much to sell it for to:

As soon as all the work is up on the site, she is going to start a log with to help spread the word. In addition, Olivia will be recruiting a street team to hand out flyers. If you want to get involved please e-mail her at and put the header as "Art for Fire". You don't even have to live in NYC...people in other places to help promote this idea are more than welcome.


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