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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Hills Chat

So last night's episode was great as always.........

~I just want to start out by saying...ELODIE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is anyone else with me? What she did last night was so evil and yet brilliant! I love how she isn't afriad to put Heidi in her place. Does anyone think that she went a little too far?

~Why did Justin Bobby even bother going to Las Vegas if he was gonna be so miserable? I mean I don't think Lo and Lauren were all that mean to him in the past...unless the show is leaving something out...

~DRUNK TEARS! Lo, Lauren, and Audrina got a bit too emotional after partying. Is the Justin Bobby drama going to break up this friendship?

~Lo + Frankie = MAKEOUT SESSION!

~Can you believe how bitchy Spencer got when Heidi got called away to work during their anniversary? And seriously, when is he going to start shaving again? YUCK!

It looks like The Hills is not going to be on next week...but the previews of episodes to come this season looks GREAT!!! Personally, I think that Jenn Bunny is so annoying...and I hope she doesn't get much more air time. But from the previews it seems like she'll be on a few more episodes.

What did you think of last night's episode???


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  • At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Can anyone please answer for me, WHAT does Spencer do for a living - where does this putz get all of his money????

    Did anyone catch how when Heidi said she had to leave dinner to attend the event, how she said,

    "Well SOMEONE here has to work!"

    WTF! I hate Spencer more and more...what a spoiled BRAT.

  • At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It just keeps getting better and better. I think what Elodie did was a little too extreme by just not showing up. At least tell her, and watch her struggle to find someone to replace her. Spencer really needs to shave. And i hope Brody is not the one that spread those sex tape rumors and playing LC. She needs to date other guys instead of recycling the same ones over and over again. Loves it!!

  • At 5:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    afraid - spellcheck!


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