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Friday, October 26, 2007

Nip/Tuck Season 4 Recap

In honor of the Season 5 premiering this coming Tuesday (10/30) on FX at 8PM, I was going to do a recap, but nothing really happened. Michelle came and went, safely getting out of her kidney stealing gang. Kimber and Matt somehow connect, and he joins Scientology and gets Kimber pregnant. Sean's marriage is officially over. Christian gets his son back, and actually wanted to start a family with Michelle. Thankfully he realized what a bad actress/person she was and left her for Sean (big surprise) and moved the firm to L.A.

Well... here's something more interesting. An article with one of the writers Ryan Murphy. He talks about how he came up with the phrase, "Tell me what you don't like about yourself."

I read this article about Men getting calf implants — like it was all the rage. I thought it was fascinating and ridiculous at the same time. I talked to my editor and he agreed that I’d go undercover to a plastic surgeon and write the article. I found a gullible and sweet plastic surgeon. In the consult he told me ten other things that I needed to have done. He’d say things like ‘Beauty is symmetry’ and that I was a ‘moderately attractive person but my ears were half a centimeter off.’ I was so stunned, but at the same time I was thinking he was right. I didn’t write the story but I never forget the experience. ‘Tell Me What You Don’t Like About Yourself’ came from that meeting.

He talks of about the character development process:
  • I turned on an HBO movie and saw Dylan Walsh — he was so miserable in it, I wrote the character of Sean for him.
  • Julian’s part was originally for a Latin male. But Julian came into the room and I thought, well that is very interesting. Julian was so fantastic, he had to come back six times for the network, but I loved him.
  • Kelly was very interesting. She was a model who just started to act. Her role in the pilot wasn’t very big, but I was so moved by her when I directed the pilot, I just kept writing and writing for her and she became a series regular.
  • Joely was a very difficult part. A lot of big names in Hollywood wanted to do it, but they wouldn’t do nudity. We got a call from Joely Richardson’s manager saying Joely couldn’t stop thinking about the script. We met with her and the rest is history.
You can read up on the rest of the article here. It's an interesting read. He goes into more detail about the process of shooting the pilot, the marketing, and the foundation of what the show is based.


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