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Monday, October 01, 2007

Rock of Love: Season Finale

For those of you that missed it... the finale wasn't all that exciting to be honest. You see one dating show and you know the formula. He takes the last two girls to a romantic getaway in Cabo, and has one last date with them.

How horrible was it when they were riding on those buggies out on the sand dunes, and Brett says he doesn't feel well (because of his diabetes), but like a baby she insists that she wanted to drive??? She's so unaware of him and just using this whole show as a means to have fun and party. Which Brett seems to catch on to, cause he does ask her about that during dinner, but she avoids the question and says that she loves him. Whatever.

During his date with Jes, he still wasn't feeling well and tells her that she might have to give him an insulin shot if he goes into shock. She gets really emotional and starts crying because she gets so worried... and a little scared. THAT'S the reaction of someone who cares.

When they get back to the house for the final elimination he actually asks them if they would both consider being his girlfriend. I don't know if I genuinely believe he did that as a test or if he really could've gotten away with having both of them... but Heather said yes, and Jes says no. Taking that as a hint of who was "on the level" with him, he dumps Heather and picks Jes.

Tune in next week for the Rock of Love reunion where all the cast members meet up. I hope we find out if Jes and Bret are still together or not.

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