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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Hills Chat

Last night's episode was awesome on so many levels...

1) Justin got his @$$ kicked to the curb. Granted, I wish poor Audrina didn't have to see him makeout with another girl while the cameras were rolling...but at least he's gonna be out of the picture from now on. What cracked me up was that he had the nerve to deny kissing this girl...uh, dude, the cameras were ROLLING! He even was groping this ugly goth girl as they left the club (I totally noticed him cup her boob!).

2) The showdown in Opera with the "She-Pratt". I mean, who does this girl think she is? Her and her friend Roxy just wanted some serious camera time.

3) The "She-Pratt" claimed to be Heidi's best friend? Uh...this is the first time anyone has even seen her, or even HEARD about her. How close can they really be?

I was a little sad about the lack of Whitney in this week's episode...and also Lo. Where has Lo been lately? I think if she was at Opera that night she would have talked the "She-Pratt" into the ground...

What did you think of last night's episode???


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