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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Whitney on Yo

Whitney Port of The Hills recently came on the XM and Sirius radio show Yo, where she spoke with host Michael Yo about being on a reality show. Us Weekly provided some of the excerpts:

On the show's instant success:
“It’s weird. I watch[ed] Laguna Beach and all these other ones - I got fascinated, too. The show a form of escape. Everyone is a little bored with their own lives so they like watching us mess up.”

On her bond with co-star Lauren Conrad:
“We definitely hang out. She’s not one of my best friends, I’ll be honest, but she’s definitely a cool girl.”

On Speidi:
“They are really nice to me. I went to high school with Spencer, so I have a whole different perspective on him. I think that they are trying to get some attention but I don’t think they are truly bad people. I don’t think they are really as bad as they seem. MTV has clearly made them the enemy.”

To read more please visit The Hills Extra on Us Magazine online!

I had no idea she went to high school with Spencer. You never really see the two of them interact on the show so I don't know that it ever really came up.


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