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Friday, December 14, 2007

Barbie Martini's Boombox

Barbie Martini's Boombox is back and we're blasting the volume!!! We are so excited about this interview we just did with an awesome all girl band, Apocalipstick. Here's a sample of our interview with them---

Barbie Martini: Describe Apocalipstick's sound...
Apocalipstick: Apocalipstick is face-melting glam pop, an explosion of rockin' guitars, catchy vocals, all while being seductively distant.

Barbie Martini: Is there a story behind the name Apocalipstick?
Apocalipstick: One February day Abby was surrounded by pink and red Valentine's Day crap. Single and pissy, she wanted to be in an all girl rock band. Apocalipstick was the perfect name for the cute, kick ass girls.

Barbie Martini: If you could open for any band who would it be?
Abby Lipstick: The Bravery because they are hot and I want to meet them :)
Jenna Blush: The Donnas!
Amy Lashes: The Wonders
Jeannette Gloss: The Dollyrots although I already sang on stage with them!

Barbie Martini: What is your favorite shade of lipstick to wear?
Abby Lipstick: Glitter Red
Jenna Blush: Chocolate Icing
Amy Lashes: Nude
Jeannette Gloss: Gloss!

Barbie Martini: Snowflakes or flowers?
Abby Lipstick: Snowflakes
Jenna Blush: Snowflakes 'cause I've never seen one :(
Amy Lashes: Snowflakes
Jeannette Gloss: Flowers, they always get to my heart.

Barbie Martini:
What is your favorite kind of martini?
Abby Lipstick: Pomegranate
Jenna Blush: I'm not legal to drink, but I do get to see what it does to my band mates.
Amy Lashes: Beer
Jeannette Gloss: Apple

To read the entire interview please check out Barbie Martini's MySpace page or Barbie Martini's forum. Also be sure to check out Apocalipstick's MySpace page.


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