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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hot Guy of the Week Nominees

IT'S BAAAAAAAAAACK!!! I know many of you have been waiting for the return of Hot Guy of the Week...well, it's finally here. If you aren't familiar with this section of Barbie Martini let me explain. We'll be posting 4 "hot guy" nominees below. You can vote for your favorite once a day until we announce the winner. This week we'll announce the winner on Thursday late afternoon. Once the winner is announced we'll post pictures of him all week long. Start voting, and may the hottest guy win!

George Clooney-
~born on May 6, 1961
~divorced in 1993
~he studied acting at The Beverly Hills Playhouse


~born on August 27, 1986
~his full name is Mario Dewar Barrett
~has worked with Clive Davis and Alicia Keys

Jim Sturgess-

~born on May 16, 1978
~was in a band called the Dilated Spies
~graduated from the University of Salford

Gerard Butler-
~born on November 13, 1969
~did not see his father from the age of 2 until he turned 16
~his acting career began when he was approached in a London coffee shop




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