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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Hills Chat

I was so happy last night when I found out that there were TWO episodes of The Hills on back to back! I totally didn't realize that until half way through the first episode. So much drama went on last night...

~Brody got mad when Lauren gave him the cold shoulder. Hey, I would have done the same thing! Do you think she was a bit too harsh with him?
~Spencer moved out and in with his sister. I'm actually pretty surprised he moved out. But you know him and Heidi are still together because they keep hamming it up for the press. Do you think she'll let him move back in? I do. I have a feeling he'll say he's gonna start dating other girls if he can't...and she'll cave in.
~Stephanie is befriending Lauren. What's that about? I thought it was great that she apologized and all...but I agree with Audrina and Lo when they said to be careful because they don't trust her. Do you think Stephanie is being sincere?
~Whitney "sold her soul" and got a new job as a stylist. It seems like such a fun and exciting job! I'm really proud of her and I hope that she loves it!
~What was up with Frankie's haircut? That style was cool in say, 1987.
~Stephanie and Heidi really need to ease up on their makeup. Their faces were orange...especially Stephanie's. MTV needs to step in!

What were your thoughts on last night's episode???


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  • At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think Stephanie is the shadiest, most untrustful character ever! I wouldn't share a tidbit of info with that beotch! lol.


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